This page shares writings that are not addressed to a specific academic conversation (seu journal), or else are not yet ready for archiving in the great library of mankind called ‘publication’.

Reflections on the Nature of Mathematics

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Part I: Activity of Mathematics

§ Games: technical, logical-rational, phronetic-aesthetic. § Modes: science of objects, game of rules. § Structure and Narrative: space and time. § Abstract and Concrete. § Five Archetypes: composer, performer, teacher, philosopher, puzzle-solver.

Part II: Art of Mathematics: music, language, code

§ Standard of Judgment: learning to play proofs. § Technique. § Depth Grammar. § Translation? § Meaning. § Exercise. Education.

Part III: Character of Mathematics

§ Ingredients: metaphysics, language, puzzles. § Beauty and Fetish, Depth and Complexity. § Things and Parts. § Analysis and Synthesis. § Layers and Texture. § Visibility. § After Infinity.

Part IV: Evolution and Revolution of Mathematics

§ Science and Technology: Revolution and Accretion. § Application. § Industrialization: light and massive technology. § Projects, Problems, Programmes. § Circulation.


2017: Wittgenstein’s ‘Geometry of Colour’

Philosophy of Science

2016: Structuralism and the Problem of Coordination

2016: Symmetry, Representation, and the Hole Argument